NBA 2K10

NBA 2K10

A basketball All-Star


  • Impressive career mode
  • Smart artificial intelligence!
  • Now with Online play


  • Maybe TOO detailed for some!


NBA 2K10 for PC builds on the excellent 2009 Basketball game, and brings in new online play and Living Rosters.

If you want a Basketball sim for your PC, NBA 2K10 is your only serious choice, but happily it's a good one! This game looks great, with really well animated players featuring signature moves. The game feels like a Basketball broadcast, which helps to make the whole experience immersive.

There are two new modes in NBA 2K10 - NBA Today and My Player Mode. The former gives you real up to date NBA news and results, while My Player gives you an RPG-style career. Design your own player, pick a position and style, then play through the ranks of the game up to being an NBA All-Star. For fans of Basketball this will be a really addictive element of NBA 2K10, and you certainly care more when you've invested so much time in your player.

Add in classic modes like quick matches, championships (online or single player), training, dunk competitions and more, and NBA 2K10 is pretty much the complete Basketball game.

User reviews about NBA 2K10

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    i want to play this game because this game is so nice.
    i want to play thisgame because this game is si nice and ...   More